"Wherever we go, our cameras roll!"

This Cowboy's Back
In Town!

It's Trace Adkins' best album yet! That's what Lorianne says about the just-released "Cowboy's Back in Town". Not surprisingly, all Charlie is able to focus on is the smokin' video for the hit single "This Ain't No Love Song"! Watch as he puts Trace on the spot about his sexy video co-star! 


It's a Golf Goof... with Michael Jordan?!?  

Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts reveals to Charlie the embarrassing details
of his golfing incident
with sports legend
Michael Jordan.
It's not the kind of "hit"
 Gary is used to!!


All about his crazy nights!

Blake Shelton just released a new six-pack album titled after his hit "All About Tonight".  Blake has "packed" a lot into this new cd... a couple of steamy songs, a killer ballad, a funny duet with Miranda, and of course, the title cut.  Charlie wasn't satisfied to hear about Blake's nights in his music.  He wanted Blake to confess about his condition the next morning, and as usual, Blake was blatantly honest!   

Open mouth.
Insert foot.

In this hilarious clip from Crook & Chase, Darius Rucker sticks his foot in his mouth, unwittingly inferring that Lorianne's the "ugly" one! Oops!




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